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    Our Mission

    At BIO Building, our most valuable asset is our team of scientists in Novosibirsk, Russia, who not only possess the know- how, but are also well established within the scientific production industry.

    The main mission of BIO Building is to utilise our all-encompassing knowledge and extensive experience to create a vital product for the health – based on natural ingredients, created by nature itself, whilst retaining their original useful properties.

    The launch of each and every new BIO Building product – is the result of meticulous research and all-embracing savoir-faire of our experts in search of new and unique components that can give and keep the most valuable thing there is – your health.

    This approach of BIO Building has proven itself and guarantees tangible results to this day!

    The story of Biobuilding

    Today BIO Building is a sophisticated technological corporation, which has its own research and production facilities in Novosibirsk, where healthcare products made from natural components are developed and manufactured.

    The BIO Building brand will soon celebrate its 15th anniversary, commemorating its journey since 2003. It was then that a team of bioscientists of Novosibirsk, the future founders of the company, commenced their large-scale research.

    One of the founders of BIO Building is Natalia Dobrynina – Marine Biologist, Candidate of Biological Sciences, author of more than fifty published scientific papers, several patents and manuals.

    The objectives were dictated by life itself – to improve people’s health, reveal life’s potential and to create unique innovative products based on natural ingredients. Most of their lives, Natalia and her team of like-minded biologists have been devoted to painstaking research into the crustacean Artemia sp. Their interest in the crustacean Artemia sp. originated from the research into its ancient origins and its unique ability to survive in extreme conditions.

    Long before the creation of the brand and the company BIO Building, Natalia started conducting her research whilst studying and at work in the laboratory of aquatic ecosystems at the Academic Institute of SB RAS.

    The opportunity for in-depth study of this topic was opened only after the establishment of the laboratory of biotechnology on the campus of the Polytechnic University in East Siberia.

    The joint collaboration of biologists soon produced fundamental credible results, which affirmed the notion of using the crustacean to eliminate the deficiency of essential amino acids and certain trace elements. It was then that the protein supplement “Hatchling” based on the crustacean Artemia sp. was established and used for feeding newly hatched chicks, goslings and ducklings. The product began to be issued under the new brand BIO Building and started gaining popularity among veterinarians.

    In the next 10 years, fundamental work was carried out on the creation of the first product – “Artemia Gold” lipid-vitamin complex.

    One of the objectives set by BIO Building researchers was to discover ecologically clean sources away from the city infrastructures, manufacturing plants and economic activities of the population.

    As a result of the search, a unique lake was found in the boundless lands of western Siberia, rich in crustaceans and particularly Artemia sp. However, for the production of a truly pure product, it was necessary to develop a gentle cleaning technology, which would allow preserving the natural micro- and macronutrients in their original form. Extensive experience and knowledge of the biological characteristics of these living organisms have allowed biologists to create a completely new and unique product “Artemia Gold”, which has been patented, and for several years produced by BIO Building.

    In 2013, BIO Building launched a major production line, a substantial part of which was a bespoke set of technological equipment made to special order for BIO Building by scientific production and specialised enterprises.

    In 2014 the first batch of the natural biologically active complex “Artemia Gold” was released – a new supplement based on the eggs of the crustacean Artemia sp., able to compensate for the deficiency of vital substances that can be used as a means of prevention of many human diseases.

    Today, BIO Building is actively developing, directing all their efforts and wealth of research and experience to the development of new natural products based on natural ingredients.

    Not stopping there, BIO Building launched into production a new natural product, “Astaxanthin + Omega-3, Omega-6 + Iodine +”, whose benefits include being a natural protection for the heart, blood vessels and brain.

    BIO Building successfully accomplishes its set objectives – carefully revealing the wealth of nature, organic biological resources of Siberia, directing them to maintain a higher human life potential.

    The Founder

    The most valuable thing people have is their health.

    Health is – a healthy body, a healthy mind, a healthy soul, a strong immune system. Being healthy is the most precious gift and it brings joy to family and loved ones.

    What we create is not just a product, it is a program of preservation and extension of life through a gentle approach to health.

    Nowadays, one of the dietary habits of the population in developed countries is the consumption of industrially manufactured products that are highly processed.

    The almost complete destruction of or substantial reduction in the content of vitamins, minerals and other important biologically active substances is shocking. Consumption of these “empty” foods, with their variety of additives (dyes, thickeners, taste enhancers etc.) combined with a sedentary lifestyle leads to people having reduced natural protection from disease, causing mental and physical performance to diminish. This is on top of the constant stress, frequent depression, seasonal allergies, etc. All of this, day after day, destroys the human body and psyche.

    Health concerns as a result of poor alimentation have grown in many countries.  We need to make sure we do the necessary for our children and ourselves. This is made possible by using only100% natural products, whose effectiveness has been proven by nature!

    Today, I am proud to say that my colleagues and I were able to create a lipid-amino acid complex that is based on the crustacean Artemia sp. – ancient crustacean beings that have a unique ability to survive.

    Despite the vast experience of our team of specialists – biologists, developers of international level, the company BIO Building is only at the beginning of its journey.

    Not stopping there, we continue to design, offering unique products based on the crustacean Artemia sp. – Preserving health at no expense except being natural, using the power of nature to ensure body protection and strengthening.

    Take care of your health!
    May you and your loved ones live a healthy and happy life!



    CEO  of “BIO Building

    Sustainability and Safety

    For the creation of its products, BIO Building sources all of its raw materials only from remote, environmentally friendly regions. All of our products are manufactured under strict control, and produced from only natural, organic materials and do not contain any impurities or fragrances. That is why we can guarantee 100% safety with BIO Building brand products.

    Own Production Facilities

    All of our products are protected by patents, and being developed by the team of biologists from Akademgorodok in Novosibirsk.

    It is here where company’s production site is located, where the results of long-term and thorough research are being realized. For the production of a truly pure product, it was required to develop a gentle cleaning technology that would maximize the preservation of natural micro- and macro elements in their original form. In 2013, “BIO Building” launched its main production line, a significant part of which is the exclusive technological equipment made to order.

    Unique Products

    BIO Building” is one of the few Russian manufacturers that produce products on the basis of their own patented developments and research. That is why, when choosing one of our products, you can be sure that it has no analogs in the world.

    Thanks to the large-scale research of “BIO Building” in the field of creating new natural products for a healthy lifestyle, previously unknown secrets of nature became available to many.

    Artemia is a unique crustacean that belongs to the representatives of inferior crustaceans and has incredible vitality and stamina. Contemporary of dinosaurs – Artemia lives on Earth for 100 million years, and unlike extinct reptiles, it adapts well to the most unfavorable external conditions: temperature changes, changes in salinity of the water.

    The value of Artemia is determined by its biochemical composition, which is characterized by a sufficiently high content of proteins, fats, essential amino acids and fatty acids, vitamins, other biologically active substances.

    Our every new product is a real breakthrough in the field of a healthy lifestyle. The comprehensive impact of our supplements is achieved through careful studies of natural components at the molecular level. When developing a new product, we strive to preserve the best natural properties that are already contained in natural ingredients and strive to concentrate in it – all the strength and energy of nature, directed to protect your youth, health and support you to maintain an active lifestyle.