Primal care for natural welfare

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New organic bio product

On the basis of Artemia eggs

Project’s CEO

Dobrynina Natalia

Candidate of Biological Sciences
The most valuable thing a person has is health. Health is a healthy body, a healthy mind, a healthy soul and a strong immune system. Being healthy is the most precious gift one can have and it brings joy to the family and loved ones.

What we create is not just a product, it is a program of preservation and an extension of life through a gentle approach to health.

Our advantages


  • Natural products for the restoration and maintenance of health are receiving more and more popularity in our country and all over the world nowadays. Scientists of all countries are concerned with the search for unique natural components that will help mankind to fill the lack of useful substances at the expense of natural resources. One of such unique discoveries was the artemia spp. (Artemia sp.), living in salty lakes. This is ... Read more

  • You will benefit from the product "Artemia Gold" if:

    • you travel often (flights, transfers), and you find it difficult to adapt to the change of time zones, food or the environment as a whole;
    • you feel a lack of strength and energy, and are prone to lethargy and despondency;
    • your hair and/or nails are weak and brittle;
    • you are often sick with colds and viral diseases;
    • you are at a high risk of cardiovascular system diseases;
    • there are a memory loss and a decrease in brain activity;
    • you are exposed to constant stress;
    • there is iodine deficiency.

    The food supplement "Artemia Gold" helps to eliminate these symptoms, improving your health and the quality of your life.

  • The main component of the food supplement "Artemia Gold" is a unique product in its properties - roe (eggs) of the crustacean Artemia sp. They contain a concentration of vitality and energy for the body, including essential macro and trace elements such as:

    • nucleic acids RNA and DNA
    • amino acid complex,
    • iodine,
    • trace elements,
    • vitamins (A, D, E)
    • carotenoids (astaxanthin)
    • proteins (including collagen)
    • glucosamine

    "Artemia Gold" increases the body's immunity, brain activity and muscle strength.