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      Artemia Gold


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      Unique new generation adaptogen

      About the product

      Lipid-amino acid complex “Artemia Gold”

      Biologists of the Novosibirsk Academgorodok created a unique product from the crustacean Artemia sp., whose components contribute to strengthening the immune system, restoring the body’s own defenses, triggering cell regeneration processes, raising vitality and energy, improving the condition of hair and nails, improving the activity of the cardiovascular system, tissue regeneration joints and cartilage, maintaining thyroid function, preventing an extensive list of infections and diseases, reducing the rate of aging of cells and tissues, which improves general healing effect with complex therapy, getting rid of depression and excess weight – give vivacity and excellent health.

      The complex is necessary for the health and beauty of the skin.

      The components of this newest patented product contribute to obtaining stable immunity, a clear brain, and strong dry muscles.

      The developed lipid-amino acid complex was called Artemia Gold!

      The uniqueness of Artemia

      Crustaceans Artemia sp. unique in just their survivability and resistance to negative environmental factors. They live and reproduce under conditions in which any living organism can die.

      (on the picture: Artemia cysts)

      Awesome fact! artemia cysts

      “Researchers drilled a well to get mineral water and found strange caviar. It turned out that this masonry was the crustacean caviar of Artemia sp., which had lain in the ground for several thousand years.

      And then the real miracle happened!

      A little later, small crustaceans hatched from this caviar, which was at least ten thousand years old! ”

      How does Artemia help people?

      Substances obtained from Artemia sp. have long been used in cosmetology and are able to combat premature skin aging. Creams or serums made on the basis of such bio-raw materials have an amazing effect.

      Artemia is also unique in that it helps to not only solve the problem of infertility but also to restore their strength to men. Men lack 40% of the necessary components to reproduce offspring. Many of these components are found in the eggs (eggs) of Artemia sp. they have a unique healing effect and are able to maximize sexual activity.

      The components that are contained in Artemia also contribute to the active maintenance and stimulation of the processes of synthesis of protein substances in the body, which is necessary for updating the cellular structures that make up the basis of all tissues and organs. The relevance of this process cannot be overestimated in therapy for people suffering from chronic diseases, as well as in the rehabilitation of patients after surgery, especially on soft tissues. For example, the nucleic acids that are contained in the egg are used to reduce the aging rate of cells and tissues, which improves the overall healing effect of complex therapy, especially after the age of 45-50. Caviar Artemia sp. known as skin and hair cell growth regulator. It helps to improve the nutrition of the skin of the face or hair bags, helps to moisturize and heal the skin.

      Veterans say that in World War II to the shores of salt lakes with Artemia sp. they brought wounded tankers from the hospital so that the burns would heal better.

      (Artemia crustacean pictured)


      But besides these qualities, Artemia sp. has a huge number of properties vital to man.

      It is also important that Artemia sp. Caviar contains a large amount of Omega-3, Omega-6, and Omega-9. These components regulate the functioning of the heart and blood vessels, serve as a source of energy, are the building material for brain cells, strengthen immunity and reduce the effects of allergens!

      Over 60% of the protein allows the use of Artemia sp. for the accumulation of lean muscle mass – for the strength and endurance of athletes, and the content of chitosan – contributes to effective weight loss!

      The company “BIO Building” created products from the brine shrimp “Artemia Gold” and “Astaxanthin + Omega-3 + Omega-6 + Iodine”. These bio-complexes do not cure diseases. They help strengthen, protect and improve the body – as a result, he is ready to cope with many diseases.

      Who is it for and why is it useful?

      “This is important for people suffering from chronic, prolonged current, debilitating diseases, as well as in the case of soft tissue injuries, after surgery. They are also used to reduce the aging rate of cells and tissues. Therefore, DNA and RNA are related to general healing factors, especially after the age of 45-50 years, to factors capable of supporting the sexual function of men, contributing to a longer preservation of youth, vitality, physical and mental performance ”- Book: Tutelyan VA, Sukhanov B.N., Austrievskikh A.N., Poznyakovsky V.M. Food supplements in human nutrition (quality and safety assessment, effectiveness, characterization, use in preventive and clinical medicine). – Tomsk: NTL Publishing House, 1999 .– 296 s

      • To protect the immune system and increase cell resistance to environmental aggression.
      • Everyone who leads an active lifestyle is involved in sports, fitness and martial arts.
      • When doing a lot of mental and physical work.
      • For quick recovery during travels, vacations and business trips.
      • To restore vitality, due to the content of a high-quality set of amino acids and trace elements, fatty acids and vitamins.
      • After prolonged physical exertion – to restore and remove lactic acid from the body.
      • It is one of the best natural antidepressants in the world.
      • To enhance concentration.

      Components contribute to:

      • strengthening immunity
      • restoration of the body’s own defenses
      • starting cell regeneration processes
      • raising vitality and energy
      • improving the condition of hair and nails
      • improving the cardiovascular system
      • tissue regeneration of joints and cartilage
      • maintaining thyroid function
      • prevention of an extensive list of infections and diseases
      • the complex is necessary for the health and beauty of the skin
      • health improvement
      • reduce the rate of aging of cells and tissues

      Structure (what it contains)

      Artemia Gold includes caviar from Artemia sp., caught in ecologically clean lakes. The capsule shell consists of gelatin.

      The healing properties of Artemia Gold are confirmed by the presence of DNA and RNA, essential amino acids, vitamins and trace elements in the composition of nucleic acids.

      You can read about the properties of each of these elements and easily prove to yourself and everyone that the effectiveness of Artemia Gold is confirmed and created by nature itself.

      The content of certain substances (+/- 10%):

      • nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) 4.4 +/- 10% g / 100 g
      • iodine 4.2 mg / 100 g
      • total protein 0.43 mg / gamino acids:
      • aspartate 0.3 mcg / g
      • glutamate 1.39 mcg / g
      • asparagine 0.29 mcg / g
      • serine 0.42 mcg / g
      • histidine 0.42 mcg / g
      • glutamine 0.07 mcg / g
      • glycine 0.33 mcg / g
      • threonine 0.57 mcg / g
      • arginine 0.31 mcg / g
      • Alanine 1.29 mcg / g
      • taurine 2.78 mcg / g
      • tyrosine 0.3 mcg / g
      • valine 0.05 mcg / g
      • methionine 0.14 mcg / g
      • tryptophan 0.04 mcg / g
      • phenylalanine 0.06 mcg / g
      • isoleucine 0.12 mcg / g
      • leucine 0.06 mcg / g
      • ornithine 0.08 mcg / g
      • lysine 0.08 mcg / g
      • proline 6.12 mg / kg
      • aspartic acid 7.59 mg / kg
      • glutamic acid 15.14 mg / kg
      • glucose 0.11 mg / g
      • triglycerides 0.17 mg / g
      • cholesterol 225 mg / kg
      • astaxanthin 14 mg / 100 g
      • collagen 370 mg / 100 g
      • glucosamines 1.8 mg / 100 g
      • glycerol (esterified) 170 mg / kg
      • PUFAs (omega-3) 11.64 g / 100 g
      • eicosapentaenoic acid 450 mg / kg
      • linoleic acid 328 mg / kg
      • PUFA (omega-6) 6 g / 100 g
      • palmitoleic acid 646 mg / kg
      • palmitic acid 870 mg / kg
      • Vitamin A 0.37 mg / 100 g
      • Vitamin E 0.33 mg / 100 g
      • Vitamin D 1.2 mcg / 100 g
      • selenium 20 mcg / 100 g
      • copper 43 mcg / 100 g

      Today on our planet hundreds of thousands, millions of various food additives, supplements and various preparations are produced. Each of them is called a revolution, a breakthrough, and innovation.

      Artemia Gold is the product of the future – because it is completely natural, does not contain any additives, dyes or fragrances. What nature itself created is impossible to reproduce for man. Therefore, we have preserved all the beneficial substances of Artemia Gold in their original natural form and carefully laid out on gelatin capsules, taking care of your health and beauty.

      It is the naturalness of Artemia Gold that helps to obtain that amazing effect, which helps to preserve and increase vitality, helps to prolong the youthfulness of the skin, the strength of muscles, healthy heart and blood vessels, strong joints and good spirits.

      Give it a try! Many have already managed to evaluate the effectiveness of Artemia Gold!

      Just call and we will deliver you a unique natural complex “Artemia Gold” for free.*

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      Product is not a drug