Primal care for natural welfare



    How to be healthy and happy

    It is likely that every one of us has at least once thought of and wanted to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Nowadays, unfortunately, it is something not many people are able to do. But in fact it is very simple and all it requires is a little thought and effort. Health is a healthy body, a healthy mind and a strong immune system. This article will address specific facts and “the road to recovery.” After all, life is a good thing, and to be healthy is the most precious gift and joy for your relatives and friends. So how do you maintain a healthy lifestyle? 1. Analyze yourself, your habits and temptations, understand what you really want and start to...

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    Unique Properties of the crustacean Artemia

    There has been an increase in Russia and indeed worldwide in the popularity of products that promote health and vitality. Scientists worldwide are committed to the search for unique natural ingredients that will people supplement nutrients missing from their modern diets, thanks to the nutritional riches of natural resources. One of these unique discoveries was the branchiopod crustacean Artemia (Artemia sp.), that inhabits salt lakes. This is a wonderful creation of nature that has become known throughout the world not only because of its nutritional value, but also its way of reproduction and its survival skills in extreme conditions. The first time the world heard about the crustacean Artemia was from biologist Carl Linnaeus, who became the founder of the...

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