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    Dear colleagues and partners!

    “BIO Building” invites to cooperation with pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies, distributors, entrepreneurs and individuals.

    The main purpose is not only to enter into partnership on mutually beneficial terms but also to convey our experience and extensive knowledge of the natural medicines.

    In order to make our cooperation more convenient and efficient, we will develop your individual loyalty program, taking into consideration volumes of supplies and logistical support.

    With the scientific and industrial facilities, “BIO Building” is capable of providing each partner with high-quality bio-products based on the unique natural ingredients.

    The product line under the brand “BIO Building” is continuously updated and supplemented with new products, which have no analogs in the modern Russian and foreign markets.

    Business development together with us – the surest way to your success and well-being, makes it possible to give people the best thing created by nature itself!

    High living potential

    BIO Building makes careful and organic use of the biological resources of Siberia for human health, the creation and promotion of natural products being its main objective. These products are recommended to anyone who wants to reveal and to maintain his or her life potential at the highest level for the years to come.

    We were able to achieve impressive results with the launch of a major innovation project in just one year. Being a partner of the company “BIO Building” means to be at the centre of the latest developments in the field of healthy nutrition and food supplements. Together we will succeed. We invite you to cooperate.

    Why work with us?


    Siberia – a unique region, which has a lot of places untouched by human presence. In one of such places, the eggs of crustacean Artemia sp. are being sourced. It is one of the purest salt lakes in the Siberian region. Climate variability and the high concentration of salt ensure the ideal conditions for the proliferation of Artemia sp.

    The remote location of the lake from urban civilization guarantees the absence of chemical components in the ecosystem of the lake and in the produced raw materials.



    All our products are manufactured using the state-of-the-art technological equipment. Each step is accompanied by quality control using high-precision laboratory equipment.



    The production site is located in the heart of Siberia’s scientific capital – Akademgorodok. Cutting edge production processes allow us to fully preserve the rich complex of natural nutrients contained in the ingredients. With our own high-tech manufacturing, we can guarantee high quality and environmentally friendly products under the brand “BIO Building”. Each product, manufactured by “BIO Building” consists of natural organic matter and is absolutely safe for the human body.



    “BIO Building” aims to provide comfortable conditions for cooperation with our partners.  For this reason, our partners have access to a free pre-order delivery service throughout Novosibirsk.  Operational transportation of our products will allow you to save time, money and hassle in the organization of delivery.

    Contact us

    To order products of “BIO Building” or for other queries, you can call us by phone:

    8-800-100-0425 (calls free inside Russia)

    +7 (383) 363-68-09,

    +7 (913) 383-65-51

    Or send your request to